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Sienna & June. Siena in June. 

Yes, Siena, that gorgeous town in Tucany. If you’ve ever been to Tuscany in June, you know what I’m talking about.

Sienna & June is a personal interpretation of the Italian “joie de vivre”, refinement, taste, elegance, and creativity.

The Tuscan rolling hills are covered in sunflower an poppy fields and I wanted Sienna & June’s logo (a sunflower and a poppy) to reflect this happy image.

The jewelry pieces I’m creating are infused with the colors, flavors, and sounds of this little paradise on Earth.

I see Sienna and June as two modern, vibrant, and successful women who live life to the fullest, who love to travel, discover, and learn.

The jewelry pieces I have designed are created for them and I hope the jewelry you will choose will bring you at least as much joy as I had when I created them.

With love from Tuscany,


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